The end of Efforting.

I’ve been there.
Tired of being tired.
Tired of all the serious inner WORK.

What if, deep coaching can be
healing, and, really FUN?

Healing and transformation doesn’t have to be hard work.
No need to meditate for hours,
No need to fast,
No chanting,
No positively affirmation,
Of course, they’re all nice to do if you like them, but definitely not a must.

My understanding of healing or personal growth these days, after years of inner “work” and “working” with my clients, is that,

whatever approach you take,
if you’re not becoming more playful,
you’re probably efforting too much,
and it’s probably not gonna work in a long run.

What if you, not the Higher-Self you, but simply the human you, the regular you,
the awkward, the messy, the dark, the goofy you,
is actually the only thing that’s needed?

Ways of Working with Me

I help heart-led creators, healers, and leaders to fulfill their mission,
without painful endeavors. Here’s how:

Deep Coaching
with Pleasure

When personal growth has become another goal to achieve, we will do less, and play more.

Healing Inherited Family Trauma

Rapidly and effectively break inherited patterns of chronic illness, relationship difficulties and financial blockage.

Systemic Coaching
for Teams

Efficient and powerful “team psychoanalysis”, make the invisible dynamics visible, and workable.

“Jingshu’s toolbox is full of simple yet powerful skills I could use all my life. I wish every one knew them!”


“The boundary Jingshu helped me to draw in the meditative state really worked! I’m no longer influenced by the criticism from my family or myself. I feel I’m finally living fully!”