Systemic Coaching for Organizations

Like psychoanalysis for your team, but fast.

Does your team experience the following complaints?

  • a lack of a higher purpose
  • high turnover of staff
  • Disengaged team members
  • high burnout rate
  • Everything feels like an uphill struggle
  • Consistent communication clashes

Imagine what a 10% increase in productivity, energy, enjoyment, and connection would mean for the people on your team. What difference can that make?

That’s what we can do together, in hours, not weeks.

I work with organizations like yours to make permanent profound shifts in your team.

This work is not Magic,
but it feels like it.

The tool I’m using is called TeamConnect, developed by the most experienced systemic coaches, and proven to work in 100+ teams worldwide.

In a world with countless consultants seeking to improve organizations with their own tools, what makes TeamConnect different?

  • 90% of our work is completed in 5 days. Or put another way, you’ll see sustainable results really fast.
  • Your team results are benchmarked against the 90+ teams we have already worked with.
  • Everything is online and anonymous. In-person FeedForward sessions could also be done in the Netherlands.
  • We work with the entire system, not just the symptoms – definitely not to find the “scapegoat”.
  • There is no contact and no complicated payment terms.

Deep down all your team members know, the symptoms and the cause are not in the same place.

Think of me as talking to your team’s unconscious, like a psychoanalyst, only this time we need just a few days, not years, to find the undercurrent, the patterns, and the hidden resources.

How do I do that?

I’ll pay attention to my phenomenological experience with your survey results.
I won’t evaluate individual performances.
I won’t analyze the statistics.

I allow the unconscious patterns and the real calling of the team to emerge.
And I reflect these back to you.

What kind of questions are in the survey? Any examples?

  • To what extent do you feel secure about your place on the team?
  • To what extent can you really use your talents, necessary for your work?
  • Is your team sufficiently seen and heard by the whole of the organization?
  • What percentage of your team’s potential (the potential that is present in the team, but not yet fully exploited) is currently being used?

To give you an idea: on this last question, the average of about 1000 respondents from 90 teams we worked with was 68%.

What does the whole process look like?

Business, life, and family are already complicated enough.
This process is simple.
  • Day 1: The participants receive a link to the online tool, with their personal username and password.
  • Days 2 and 3: They submit their answers. This can be done at a time that suits everyone best.
  • Days 4 and 5: I process all individual results into a team result and do an analysis.
  • Day 6+: A team “FeedForward” meeting, online or in person, explaining the analysis and making suggestions.

Then we’re done.
You’ll all see, and feel the change.


Personally: curiosity and openness to see what might not always be visible

Financially: €1500 plus €50 per team member, excl. BTW